2017 Washington

American Chemical Society  

254th ACS National Meeting

Washington, District of Columbia

August 20-24, 2017


Councilor Talking Points (pdf report):

Summary of Governance Issues and Actions

The following summary is provided to help Councilors report to their Local Sections and Divisions on key actions of the ACS Council meeting held August 23, 2017 and the Board of Directors meetings held August 18-19, 2017, at the 2017 ACS fall national meeting in Washington, District of Columbia. Full reports will be posted on the ACS Website as they become available.

Actions of the Council

Election Results:  Elected Committees of Council

  • By electronic ballot, the Council elected Karl S. Booksh, Mark D. Frishberg, Zaida C. Morales Martinez, and Linette M. Watkins for three-year terms (2018-2020), and Ella L. Davis for a one-year term (2018) on the Council Policy Committee (CPC).



*Karl S. Booksh                      209

James C. Carver                    180

Dwight W. Chasar                  150

*Ella L. Davis                           203

*Mark D. Frishberg                  207

Lydia E.M. Hines                     165

Will E. Lynch                            190

*Zaida C. Morales Martinez     215

Barbara P. Sitzman                  150

*Linette M. Watkins                  260



  • By electronic ballot, the Council elected Michael Appell, Neil D. Jespersen, Mamie W. Moy, Eleanor D. Siebert, and Julianne M.D. Smist for three-year terms (2018-2020) on the Committee on Nominations and Elections (N&E).



Anthony W. Addison        159

Joe D. Allison                   103

*Michael Appell                165
Mark A. Benvenuto          149

Arindam Bose                  140

*Neil D. Jespersen           237

*Mamie W. Moy               269

*Eleanor D. Siebert         252

*Julianne M.D. Smist      228

Keith R. Vitense             134



  • By electronic ballot, the Council elected Mitchell R. M. Bruce, Jetty Duffy-Matzner, Martha G. Hollomon, Diane Krone, and Robert A. Pribush for three-year terms (2018-2020) on the Committee on Committees (ConC).



*Mitchell R. M. Bruce          225

*Jetty Duffy-Matzner          223

Rick Ewing                        177

Barbara R. Hillery             115

*Martha G. Hollomon       187

Judith M. Iriarte-Gross     163

Russell W. Johnson         123

*Diane Krone                   192

*Robert A. Pribush           227

Susan M. Schelble           184



Other Council Actions

Amendments to the ACS Bylaws

  • A recommendation by the Committee on Membership Affairs that Council approve the Petition on International Chemical Sciences Chapters narrowly failed to achieve the two-thirds majority required to amend the Bylaws.  The proposal would have amended Bylaw IX, Section 4, to permit financial support for International Chemical Sciences Chapters and to remove language from the Bylaws prohibiting Chapters from having representation on Council.


Probationary Division of Space Chemistry

  • The Council defeated a proposal from the Committee on Divisional Activities that it establish a probationary Division of Space Chemistry, effective January 1, 2018.


Change in Local Section Territory

  • On the recommendation of the Committee on Local Section Activities, the Council approved a petition from the South Jersey Local Section to annex the unassigned and adjacent territory of Ocean County, New Jersey.



  • The Council passed resolutions in memory of deceased Councilors; acknowledging President Allison A. Campbell’s service as presiding officer of the Council; and in gratitude for the officers and members of the Chemical Society of Washington, the host Section for the 254th National Meeting, the divisional program chairs and symposium organizers, and ACS staff.


Highlights from Committee Reports

Nominations and Elections

The Committee on Nominations and Elections solicits Councilors’ input of qualified individuals for President-Elect and/or Directors for future consideration. Suggestions may be sent to nomelect@acs.org.

Ballots for the 2017 fall national election will be distributed on September 29, with a voting deadline four weeks later, on October 27. In a change of procedures, all members with an email address on file and eligible to vote will receive an electronic ballot with the option to request a paper ballot. Those members with no email address on file will be sent a paper ballot with the option to still vote electronically. The ACS election vendor, Survey & Ballot Systems, will send three email reminders during the voting period to those who have not voted as of the reminder date.

Budget and Finance

The Society’s 2017 Probable 1 Projection calls for a Net from Operations of $25.3 million. This is $2.1 million favorable to the Approved Budget and $1.6 million higher than 2016.  Total revenues are projected to be $553.0 million, which is $2.4 million unfavorable to the budget, but 5.0% higher than the prior year. Total expenses are projected at $527.6 million, which is $4.5 million favorable to the budget, and 4.9% higher than 2016. 

The Committee considered several program funding requests for 2018, and on its recommendations, the Board subsequently approved funding for the ACS Online Course in Laboratory Safety and the New Faculty Workshop Series for inclusion in the 2018 Proposed Budget and the 2019-2020 Forecast.

Additional information can be found at www.acs.org, at the bottom of the page, click ‘About ACS’, then ‘Financial’.  There you will find several years of the Society’s audited financial statements and IRS 990 filings.

Washington Meeting Attendance

The theme of the 254th ACS National Meeting was “Chemistry’s Impact on the Global Economy.” As of Tuesday evening, August 22, attendance was:

Attendees              7,938    

Students                2,997    

Exhibitors             1, 068

Expo only                 475

Guest                       426

Total                   12,904


Petitions to Amend the Constitution and Bylaws

New petitions to amend the Constitution or Bylaws must be received by the Executive Director no later than November 29 to be included in the Council agenda for consideration at the spring 2018 meeting in New Orleans. Contact the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws with any questions or requests for information at bylaws@acs.org



Actions of the Board of Directors

The Board’s Executive Session

At this meeting, the ACS Board of Directors considered a number of key strategic issues and responded with several actions.


The Board’s Committees


The Board of Directors received and discussed reports from its committees on the Petroleum Research Fund, Strategic Planning, Corporation Associates, Executive Compensation, Professional and Member Relations, the Society Committee on Budget and Finance, the ACS Governing Board for Publishing, and the Joint Board-Council Task Force on Governance Design.


  • On the recommendation of the Committee on Professional and Member Relations, the Board voted to approve the Society’s nominees for the 2018 Perkin Medal, and the 2018 National Science Board Public Service Award.


  • On the recommendation of the Joint Board-Council Committee on Publications and an Editor Selection Committee, the Board voted to approve the appointment and reappointment of several editors-in-chief for ACS journals.


  • On the recommendation of the Society Committee on Budget and Finance, the Board voted to approve the advance member registration fee for national meetings held in 2018 at $475; and to authorize two new program funding requests: an ACS Online Course in Laboratory Safety, and a New Faculty Workshop Series.


The Executive Director/CEO Report


  • The Executive Director/CEO and his direct reports provided updates to the Board on the activities of Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) and the ACS Publications Division. He offered current and proposed strategies to increase membership in the Society; reported on safety initiatives, resources and security; and provided an update on the Atlantic Basin Conference on Chemistry (ABCChem) scheduled for January 2018.  As part of his report, he invited the Treasurer to brief the Board on the Enterprise Financial Systems Program (EFSP), which is unifying several financial operations for Society staff; the Financial Planning Conference in early November; and ACS Development Activities.


Other Society Business


  • The Board held discussions with members of the Presidential Succession on their current activities and those planned for 2018.


  • The Board also held a discussion with officers and members of the board of directors of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) on what governance participation might look like at the organizations’ annual meetings, possible meetings between ACS and NOBCChE at the ACS Leadership Institute, dual membership between both organizations, strategic alliances of student chapters at the local section and regional levels, and ACS Board participation at NOBCChE Annual Conferences.


The Board’s Regular Session

The Board held a well-attended regular session which featured a discussion on the role ACS and its members play in advocating for adoption of important public policy priorities to foster scientific advancement and innovation.  Mr. Glenn Ruskin, Director, External Affairs & Communications in the Office of the Secretary and General Counsel, and Mr. Anthony Pitagno, Director of Government Affairs and Outreach, External Affairs & Communications, spoke about the critically important role federal investment in basic research plays in driving U.S. innovation, job creation and economic growth.  A question and answer session followed the presentation, first with the presenters, and then with the Board for general concerns and comments.

Prior to the presentation, members of the presidential succession and the Executive Director and CEO offered brief reports on their activities. The officers provided more extensive reports on their activities and/or future plans as part of their written and oral reports to the Council.





The following is a list of URLs and email addresses for supplemental information presented in reports at the Council meeting. 


Allison A. Campbell, President                                a.campbell@acs.org

Peter K. Dorhout, President-Elect                           p.dorhout@acs.org

Donna J. Nelson, Immediate Past President         djnelson@ou.edu


ACS Offices

Office of the Executive Director & CEO                  executivedirector@acs.org

Office of the Secretary & General Counsel           secretary@acs.org




Budget and Finance


www.acs.org  à About ACS à Financial


Chemical Abstracts



Chemical Safety


Safety in Academic Chemical Laboratories: www.acs.org/SACL


Constitution and Bylaws


Governing Documents: www.acs.org/bulletin5


Economic and Professional Affairs

Work-related Visa Working Group: policy@acs.org


International Activities

Asia-Pacific International Chapters Conference: www.acs.org/APICC


Local Section Activities



Minority Affairs

Donate to ACS Scholars: www.donate.acs.org


Social Media:






Nominations and Elections



Younger Chemists Committee

Catalyze the Vote:  





International Younger Chemists: www.facebook.com/IYCN.global




Advocacy Toolkit (President): www.acs.org/advocacy


Online Information for Councilors





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