The mission of the ACS Energy and Fuels Division:

To promote and advance energy-related research, development and education to address the world’s energy and chemical challenges.

Past Award Winners

Date Winner Award
Harry W. Deckman, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering. Henry H. Storch Award
James F. Brazdil Distinguished Researcher Award
Yun Hang Hu ACS Fellows
A.-H. Alissa Park ACS Fellows
Professor Omar Farha Northwestern University Emerging Researcher Award
Lisa Houston Service Award
Yun Hang Hu Service Award
M. Saiful Islam, University of Bath. Henry H. Storch Award
Professor K. Mark Thomas of Newcastle University Energy & Fuels Joint Award for Excellence in Publication
André Louis Boehman ACS Fellows
Elise Fox Service Award
Jun Lu Emerging Researcher Award
Anne Gaffney Distinguished Researcher Award