Division Dinner  Cruise

Monday, August 14, 6:30-9:30 pm (Boarding 6:30 pm; Departure 7:00 pm)
California Hornblower SF Bay Dinner Cruise
Pier 3, Hornblower Landing

Roadmap of ENFL activities in San Francisco

The Mission and Vision of the ACS Energy and Fuels Division:

To advance energy innovation and education to address the earth’s challenges 

Driving a sustainable  and equitable energy future



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New awards

ENFL Mid-Career Award

2022 Ah-Hyung Alissa Park

2023 Michelle K Kidder

New - Heroes of Energy and Fuels

Past Award Winners

Date Winner Award
Jingbo Louise Liu Service Award
Ying Shirley Meng ENFL Research Excellence Award in Electrochemical Energy Storage
Qingying Jia Emerging Researcher Award
Christopher Jones Distinguished Researcher Award
Sarah H. Tolbert Henry H. Storch Award
Matthew McDowell Glenn Award
Tao Li Emerging Researcher Award
Amar Flood Glenn Award
Wei Wang ACS Fellows
Liangbing Hu ENFL Research Excellence Award in Electrochemical Energy Storage
Paul Robertson ACS Fellows
Jingbo Louise Liu ACS Fellows
David J. Heldebrant ACS Fellows
Lang-Shih Fan ACS Fellows
Prof Michael Klein Distinguished Researcher Award
Robert L. McCormick Henry H. Storch Award
Michael Janik Glenn Award
Daniel J Gaspar Glenn Award