ACS Henry H. Storch Award in Energy Chemistry

To recognize distinguished contributions to fundamental or engineering energy related research & development and education that address the world's energy and chemical challenges.

ENFL Distinguished Researcher Award

Excellence in basic or applied research in broadly defined area of energy and fuels chemistry, as evidenced by publications or patents, invention or commercialization of new technologies, and leadership in the research area. Nominee must have made significant and original contributions in research and developments that have advanced the field of petroleum chemistry or other energy and fuels chemistry.

ENFL Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service award is limited to individuals who have been members of the division for at least ten years and who have had, in the opinion of the selection committee, a significant and continued impact on the advancement of energy and fuels chemistry through research, teaching, service or a combination of the three over an extended period of time. 

ENFL Emerging Researcher Award

The intention of the award would be to recognize and encourage scientists who are early or midway into their careers, and normally with no more than 10 years after last degree or post doc. The award is based both on the research record and service to the division/profession of the nominee. 

ENFL Research Excellence Award in Electrochemical Energy Storage 

This award sponsored by CAPCHEM TECHNOLOGY USA INC. (CAPCHEM), is to promote excellence in electrochemical energy storage research. This award defines the field of interest covered as “scientific research and technology development of electric energy storage via electrochemical means.” The award’s primary purpose is to recognize and support scientists in electric energy storage affiliated with the ACS ENFL Division. It is intended to honor individuals who are midway into their careers, i.e., 10-20 years after last degree at the time of nomination.

ENFL ACS Fellows

The ACS Fellows Program was created by the Board of Directors in December 2008 “to recognize members of the American Chemical Society for outstanding achievements in and contributions to Science, the Profession, and the Society.”  ENFL nominates potential Fellows each  year.

R. A. Glenn Award for Best Paper in an ENFL Symposia

All papers presented at Energy and Fuels Division symposia are considered for the R.A. Glenn Award. This award, for the most innovative and interesting paper presented at each ACS national meeting, was established in 1956, by the Division of Fuel Chemistry, in cooperation with Bituminous Coal Research, Inc. 

ENFL Mid-Career Award 

The intention of the award is to recognize and encourage scientists in the field of energy and fuel chemistry, who are midway into their careers, and normally with no more than 10-25 years after  last degree or Post Doc

Energy Lectureships NEW

This is an arrangement between ACS Energy & Fuels Division (ENFL) and ACS Publications for sponsorship of the Energy Lectureships in the years 2024, 2025, and 2026. The specific topic for the 2024 Lectureship planned in conjunction with ENFL and ACS Energy Letters will be Energy Storage. Subsequent lectureships will partner ENFL with ACS Applied Energy Materials (2025) and Energy & Fuels (2026), respectively, on different, mutually agreed-upon topics.