Energy Lectureships





We are now accepting nominations of candidates for the 2025 Energy Lectureships. Submit your nomination by August 22, 2024


A joint, multi-year collaborative initiative between ACS Publications and the ACS Energy and Fuels (ENFL) Division


To recognize distinguished contributions to fundamental or engineering energy-related research & development and education that address the world's energy and chemical challenges in the area of energy. The 2025 agreed-upon focus between ACS Applied Energy Materials and ENFL is solar energy conversion.


This award will be presented to 2 distinct awardees:

  • Outstanding early career investigator conducting research in the areas of energy storage.
  • Outstanding mid-career investigator conducting research in the areas of energy storage. 

The award winner/winners will receive the following:

  • A plaque.
  • Registration for the ACS Fall Meeting.
  • An honorarium of USD $2,000 for the mid-career investigator and USD $1,000 for the early career investigator.
  • Travel, lodging, and meal expenses of up to USD $2,500 to support attending ACS Fall Meeting.
  • The opportunity to present a talk on their research at the ACS Fall Meeting.



  • Award #1 -- Early Career Researcher: For the purpose of this award, “early career researcher” is defined as a graduate student, post doc, or practicing scientist no more than 10 years from receipt of Ph.D. Anyone who has taken an official leave of absence may subtract that time from the limit.
  • Award #2 -- Mid-Career Researcher: For the purpose of this award, “mid-career researcher” is defined as a practicing scientist up to 20 years (but preferably between 10 to 20 years) from receipt of Ph.D. Anyone who has taken an official leave of absence may subtract that time from the limit.
  • Nominees must, for both awards, be investigating in the field of Energy research.
  • The following individuals are ineligible to be considered:
    • Current ACS Publications Editors-in-Chief, Deputy Editors, Senior Editors, Executive Editors, Associate Editors, Development Editors, and Topic Editors.
    • Any serving committee member for this Award.


August 22, 2024 (midnight local time) 


This is an arrangement between ACS Energy & Fuels Division (ENFL) and ACS Publications for sponsorship of the Energy Lectureship in the years 2024, 2025, and 2026. The specific topic for the 2025 Lectureship planned in conjunction with ENFL and ACS Applied Energy Materials will be Solar Energy Conversion. Subsequent lectureships will partner ENFL with Energy & Fuels (2026) on different, mutually agreed-upon topics.


Investigators who wish to be considered for an award may, or would like to nominate a colleague for consideration*, at any time during the calendar year prior to the year the award will be presented, submit the following information via an online form provided by ACS Publications:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Institution
  • Country
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The DOI for up to 10 published articles that demonstrate outstanding work in ENERGY CONVERSION with a suggested emphasis on papers published in ACS Applied Energy Materials, ACS Energy Letters, and Energy & Fuels.
  • A statement of no more than 1,000 words describing their outstanding work in the solar energy conversion field. Nominees are expected to highlight their major, high-impact contributions, that have been published in ACS Applied Energy Materials, ACS Energy Letters, and Energy & Fuels.

Moreover, for any given year, relevant work presented in the partnering journal will be particularly well-received:

  • A brief 2-page (preferably NSF-style) CV.
  • An appropriate citation of no more than 25 words.
  • A nomination letter (2-pages max) and up to 2 supporting letters (each 2-pages max). Neither self-nominations nor nominations from award committee members are permitted. Institutional nominations are allowed.

* Before nominating another person for an award, the nominator must get the nominee's consent to share information about them as part of the nomination process. This is necessary for the American Chemical Society, ACS Publications, and any partners associated with the award to comply with laws and rules around the processing of personal data.