Umit Ozkan

Umit Ozkan, College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, at the Ohio State University was presented with the ENFL Storch Award at the Division Dinner August 22, 2017 in Washington DC. .  Dr. Ozkan has made numerous innovative contributions to research in the field of fuel science through-out her career
The following excerpts highlight some of Dr. Ozkan’s research in the area of energy and fuels:

  • Dr. Ozkan has recently worked on emission control for lean-burn natural gas reciprocation engines leading to the development of a catalytic system that can function as a three way catalyst for which a U.S. patent issued in 2008.  This technology is currently being evaluated by an engine company in the United States.
  • Dr. Ozkan has been active in the development of novel electro catalysts for solid oxide fuel cells.  The new formulations developed for cathode electro-catalysts have much higher oxygen ion transport capability and allow the solid oxide fuel cells to operate at temperatures below the 1000C target.
  • Dr. Ozkan showed for the first time that N-doped carbon structures have significant oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activity as electro-catalysts.  This finding has significant implications for PEM and methanol fuel cells, reversible fuel cells as well as metal-air batteries.  Her recently patented work with the incorporation of phosphorus into the CNx structures has increased the ORR activity significantly.

Dr. Ozkan has served and led in many professional scientific organizations, including the American Chemical Society, the North American Catalysis Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.  From 1992-1996, she served on the American Chemical Society Petroleum Chemistry Division Program Committee.  In 1998-99, she was the Petroleum Chemistry Division Secretary and in 2001-2002, she was the Chair of the Petroleum Chemistry Division.  Dr. Ozkan has organized more than twenty international symposia and conferences, organized and chaired over 25 symposia for the American Chemical Society.  She is the recipient of many honors and awards including the ACS Petroleum Chemistry Distinguished Scholar Award (2012) and the ACS Fellows Award (2011).

Dr. Ozkan is a prolific author, having edited seven books, written six book chapters and published over 200 refereed articles in leading scientific journals.  She has given over 250 conference papers and over 125 invited lectures internationally.  She has six patents issued.