Umit Ozkan

Umit Ozkan, Ohio State University

The award symposium honored Umit Ozkan, College of Engineering Distinguished Professor at the
Ohio State University, for her many contributions to the field of catalysis and its applications to the
areas of energy and environment, and the many leadership roles she assumed in ACS, AICHE
and North American Catalysis Society. Dr. Ozkan is the recipient of many honors and
recognitions, including AICHE Mentorship Excellence Award, Society of Women Engineers
Achievement Award, French C.N.R.S. Fellowship, Fulbright Senior Scholar Award, Keck
Foundation Excellence in Engineering Education Award, Union Carbide Innovation Recognition
Award, Pittsburgh-Cleveland Catalysis Society Award, and ACS Columbus Section Outstanding
Research in Chemistry Award. She served the Petroleum Chemistry Division as Secretary, ACS
Councilor and Chair as well as organizer of many symposia. She is a fellow of ACS, AICHE and