Prof Michael Klein

Prof. Michael T. Klein of the University of Delaware has been selected for the 2022 Distinguished Researcher Award from the Energy & Fuels (ENFL) Division of the American Chemical Society. Prof. Klein has made significant research contributions to the field of energy and fuels chemistry both through the basic and applied research. He has elegantly led and presented unique approaches to kinetic modeling, reaction pathway analysis, molecular-level compositional modeling of complex substrates and computer-generated reaction networks.  With more than 250 publications, his research has steadily advanced our ability to understand and exploit the complex slates of feeds and products and the very large reaction networks that attend the conversion of chemical mixtures into fuels and other materials essential to the functioning of modern society. Prof. Klein is widely recognized for his academic achievements in the area of chemical reaction engineering and detailed kinetic modeling of complex reaction systems that has very effectively embodied industrial relevance. His significant career accomplishments and contributions in compositional modeling has enabled oil and gas industries to model their refinery operations involving complex feedstocks such as petroleum.


Prof. Klein has also made outstanding contributions in service to the profession, including the American Chemical Society, the Energy and Fuels Division and its predecessors, through his decades of service to the community first as an associate editor (1992-2001) then as editor-in-chief (2002-2019) of the ACS journal “Energy & Fuels”, and as an organizer or co-organizer of more than 50 symposia or sessions at major meetings for the ACS, AIChE and international conferences and learned societies.


An ACS Symposium in honor of Prof. Klein will be held in the Energy and Fuels Division during ACS Fall 2022 national meeting