2012 ENFL ACS Fellows

 C&E News Article

Calo, Joseph M.

Brown University
  • Contribution to the science: Research contributions in chemical kinetics and transport phenomena as applied to carbon materials, environmental characterization/remediation, and energy conversion. A founder of the Chemical Engineering Program at Brown University.
  • Contribution to the ACS community: Served as Treasurer, Councilor, Technical Program Secretary, and representative of the Fuel Chemistry (now Energy and Fuels, ENFL) Division to the Multidisciplinary Program Planning Group (MPPG), and Divisional Activities Committee (DAC) member.

Gregar, Kathleen Carrado

Argonne National Laboratory
  • Contribution to the science: With 20 years of experience as a productive research chemist in nanocatalysis and nanocomposites, became an effective manager of user and outreach programs at a Department of Education Nanoscale Science Research Center.
  • Contribution to the ACS community: Served as Chair and Program Chair for the Division of Fuel Chemistry (now ENFL), and also as an ACS national Councilor and member of the Divisional Activities Committee.

Houston, Lisa J.

  • Contribution to the science: Leadership and strong management skills have accelerated PAC’s elemental analysis business growth, market leadership, and global recognition. Serves as an excellent role model and mentor for young professionals.
  • Contribution to the ACS community: Serves in many ACS local and national leadership roles; contributed to the successful merger of the Divisions of Petroleum and Fuel Chemistry.

Oyama, Shigeo Ted

The University of Tokyo
  • Contribution to the science: Contributed to the understanding of heterogeneous catalysts and the elucidation of catalytic reaction mechanisms using in situ spectroscopic techniques.
  • Contribution to the ACS community: Served as Chair of the Division of Petroleum Chemistry (now the Division of Energy and Fuels) and organized numerous symposia in the energy and membrane fields.