2013 ENFL ACS Fellows

Buchanan, III, A. C.

photo of A. C. Buchanan, III

Oak Ridge National Laboratory   

Contribution to the science/profession: Made distinguished contributions to advancing the fundamental understanding of the kinetics and mechanisms involved in the thermochemical transformations of fossil and renewable fuels.

Contribution to the ACS community: Contributed to the Divisions of Fuel Chemistry and Energy and Fuels through service as a Councilor and Alternate Councilor and has organized numerous technical symposia at national meetings.

Burrington, James D.

photo of James D. Burrington

The Lubrizol Corporation

Contribution to the science/profession: Achievements include mechanistic elucidation of selective (amm)oxidation of propylene over heterogeneous metal oxide catalysts; invention of controlled release forms of lubricant additives; and authoring a textbook and course Industrial Catalysis: Chemistry and Mechanism.

Contribution to the ACS community: Served as two-time Chair and 20-year Executive Committee member of (formerly) Petroleum Chemistry (now Energy and Fuels) Division. Developed numerous ACS symposia on petroleum chemistry, catalysis, and biotechnology, including ACS Symposium Series 392


Bush, Warren V.

photo of Warren V. Bush

Shell Development Company (Retired)

Contribution to the science/profession: Developed improved processes for removal of sulfur compounds from natural and refinery gases, and for elimination of emission of sulfur oxides from Claus sulfur plants.

Contribution to the ACS community: Has served as a Career Consultant from the beginning of the program, assisting more than 2000 job seekers with their résumés and interviews and developing and presenting ACS career workshops.

Cugini, Anthony V.

photo of Anthony V. Cugini

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Contribution to the science/profession: Was an early advocate for the application of computational approaches to develop energy processes, using advanced computational methods to accelerate the developmental cycle from discovery to commercialization.

Contribution to the ACS community: Recognized for support and contributions to the Division of Fuel Chemistry where he served as Treasurer and Chair.

Fjare, Kristi

photo of Kristi Fjare

Phillips 66 Company

Contribution to the science/profession: Leads a team that is developing a new technology for renewable hydrocarbon fuels.

Contribution to the ACS community: Held leadership roles during successful mergers of two Oklahoma Local Sections and the Divisions of Petroleum Chemistry and Fuel Chemistry into the new Division of Energy and Fuels.